Surge in Terrorism: Pakistan’s Concern Post Kabul Change

surge in terrorism pakistan's concern post kabul change

surge in terrorism pakistan’s concern post kabul change

In a Recent Press Conference, Pakistan’s Caretaker Prime Minister, Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar Shared some Concerning information. He told the Public that after the new Government took over in Afghanistan, Pakistan has seen a big increase in Terrorist incidents a whopping 60% rise.

Kakar also said that the Afghan Government needs to Understand that Pakistan and Afghanistan are Separate Countries. They Shouldn’t let their land be used for causing trouble in Pakistan.

He Pointed out that Some People from Afghanistan who are living in Pakistan Without Permission are involved in Terrorism and other Crimes. In response Kakar said Pakistan has the Right to send these People back to their Home Country.

Pakistan’s Caretaker Prime minister asked the Afghan Government to hand Over individuals who are Responsible for terrorism in Pakistan. Pakistan has already given the Afghan Taliban a list of these wanted terrorists. But Unfortunately, Kakar expressed his Disappointment because the Afghan Government hasn’t taken any action against groups like the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) which has been causing trouble.

He mentioned that when Pakistan didn’t get a Good Response from Kabul they had to take Steps to deal with the Situation like deporting illegal Residents from other Countries. This was because the Statements Coming from Afghan Officials made it hard to Solve the Problems Peacefully.

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When asked about deporting illegal Afghan Residents and how Some Political groups in Pakistan Reacted, Kakar explained that some People were taking Shelter behind these illegal Foreigners and using Pakhtun Nationalism as an excuse. He also said that Unregulated movement across the Border should Never be allowed.

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Lastly Kakar Strongly rejected any idea that Pakhtun people were being unfairly targeted. He himself is a Pakhtun and he made it clear that targeting Pakhtuns was unacceptable. His Statements Emphasize the need for Cooperation between Pakistan and Afghanistan to Deal with the Rising Threat of Terrorism.

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