Turkey Parliament Removes Coca-Cola and Nestle Products Over Alleged Israel Support

turkey parliament removes coca cola and nestle products over alleged israel support

turkey parliament removes coca cola and nestle products over alleged israel support

Turkey’s parliament recently made headlines by removing Coca-Cola and Nestle products from its menus. This step was taken because these Brands were supporting Israel during the conflict in Gaza. The Big decision was announced by Turkey’s Grand National Assembly, with Speaker Numan Kurtulmus taking the lead. The parliament’s statement cited the aim of supporting public sensitivity regarding boycotting products of companies they believe have openly supported Israel’s actions. They also include what they refer to as “war crimes” and the loss of innocent lives in Gaza.

Coca-Cola beverages and Nestle instant coffee were specifically mentioned as the products removed from menus, responding to a significant public outcry against these companies for their alleged support for Israel. While the statement and sources did not specify the exact nature of this support.

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It follows a broader trend where some companies have faced pressure related to their operations in or relations with Israel due to the ongoing conflict in the region.

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This decision by the Turkish parliament is one of the first instances of a government or major organization taking such action against prominent global brands during the month-long conflict between Israel and the Palestinian. It is a broader sentiment in various parts of the world where there have been protests and actions against supporting one side or the other in the conflict.

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