Saudi Arabia Returns 12,000 Pakistani Passports Used by Afghan Nationals

12,000 pakistani passports recovered from afghan nationals in saudi arabia passport scandal unveiled

12,000 pakistani passports recovered from afghan nationals in saudi arabia passport scandal unveiled

Saudi Arabia has recently handed over a large number of Pakistani passports, around 12,000 of them, to the Pakistani embassy. This may sound like a good thing, but there’s a twist. These passports were in the hands of Afghan nationals who were using them. It’s like finding out that someone has been using your ID without your permission.

In response to this, the Pakistani government has set up a committee to figure out what happened. The committee includes important people from the Interior Ministry, the National Database & Registration Authority (Nadra), and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). They’ve got 15 days to investigate and make suggestions on how to stop this from happening again. They also plan to find out who is responsible for this mess.

This all started when authorities in Saudi Arabia found these passports in the possession of Afghan people. It’s a part of their effort to stop illegal activities like fake citizenship documents. They’ve even caught some people involved in making these fake passports, like a person named Umar Javed.

But it’s not just the passports, there are also concerns about fake identity cards (CNICs) being issued in Pakistan. The head of Nadra, Lieutenant General Munir Afsar, told the Senate Committee on Interior that some of his staff were involved in creating fake CNICs. As a result, many employees have been suspended.

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The Senate committee has recommended using more modern methods to prevent these issues. They are concerned about the privacy of citizens and want to make sure that things like fake passports and identity cards don’t become a big problem in the future. There’s work being done to make sure your ID stays yours and isn’t misused by someone else.

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