Russia Drone attack on Ukraine

Russia Drone attack on Ukraine

Ukrainian authorities reported on Wednesday that Russian drones caused damage to port infrastructure in Odesa and targeted the capital, Kyiv, from various directions.

The army successfully repelled Iranian-made Shahed-136 drones launched from the Sea of Azov through the Black Sea, aiming at the Odesa region.

The attack on Odesa damaged the port and industrial facilities, resulting in fires and damage to an elevator, but fortunately, there were no casualties.

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Since Russia withdrew from a grain deal allowing Kyiv’s exports despite the ongoing conflict, they have been relentlessly attacking Odesa, an important port city on the Black Sea.

The attacks have impacted grain shipments, with formerly lesser-known ports like Izmail and Reni now vital for global food supplies but struggling to process all the grain, leading to a bottleneck.

In Kyiv, over ten Russian drones were downed during an overnight attack on the capital. The drones entered the city from different directions, but all were successfully detected and destroyed by the air defense forces.

The Barrage of Iranian-made drones

The barrage of Iranian-made Shahed drones caused debris to hit various areas, including a playground and a non-residential building, sparking a fire.

The attacks on both Odesa and Kyiv follow Russia’s claims of downing Ukrainian drones targeting Moscow, Crimea, and vessels in the Black Sea.

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Russia announced its intention to intensify strikes on Ukrainian military infrastructure in response to the drone attacks, which they blamed on Kyiv. The situation remains tense and volatile, with ongoing attacks and efforts to defend against them.

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