Raid on Bol News headquarter

Raid on Bol News headquarter

Karachi Custom Intelligence team raided the headquarter of Bol News in case of checking non-custom paid media equipment’s being present in the media office. Search warrant was issued by court regarding the case of fake degrees and other suspects against Bol News.

During the operation, the directorate team of Bol news made the list of inventory items including all DSNGs, cameras, monitors, studio equipment most of which was imported from foreign. District and session Judge of Karachi issued the search warrant to custom intelligence office.

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As directed in search warrant, customs office was directed to conduct a detailed search raid through all the corners of headquarter within the building and prepare the authentic list of all non-custom paid items in office.

During the search, officers also took the pictures and videos of equipments in accordance with law. Intelligence team was directed to detain all the equipments found non-custom paid.

Arrest of BOL TV CEO Shoaib Sheikh

Earlier in last week, Federal Investigation Authority also arrested BOL TV CEO Shoaib Sheikh in case of fake degrees and bribing a former judge for his acquittal. The BOL TV CEO was arrested from Islamabad airport when he was coming back from Karachi.

The NewYork Times also reported that Axact office in Karachi is running a black business on very broader platform to sell fake degrees of national and international universities from all around the world.

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A multi-million money laundering case was also registered against BOL TV CEO and Axact but later he was out of the case by the judge Pervez Ul Qadir Memon.

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