Punjab Govt Passes Budget In Parallel Session

Punjab Govt Passes Budget In Parallel Session

Punjab Government Passed Its Budget

The Punjab government passed its budget through the parliament by holding a parallel session without the opposition present, providing the Finance Bill with much-needed and hotly debated legal cover. 

The administration cleared “40 demands for grants” during the budget session at Aiwan-i-Iqbal without any cut motion, which is often proposed by the opposition, which has been holding a parallel session at the Punjab Assembly building. 

“General Discussion” Was Completed By Sardar Awais

The “general discussion” was completed by Sardar Awais Leghari of the PML-N, who had been assigned by Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz to handle financial problems. He stated that everyone would see Punjab improving from what Usman Buzdar of the PTI had left behind. 

Leghari praised people who called attention to important concerns in his remarks in addition to praising the legislators’ proposals. He promised the House that he would do everything in his power to improve the lot of the underprivileged. 

Province Is Going Through A Difficult Time

“There is no doubt that the province is going through a difficult time, but we’ll do all in our power to get it back on track. Sectors damaged by the previous administration’s misguided policies will be restored.”

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The chief minister promised that middle-class people with health cards will have access to free medical care and promised to stop robbing the poor in the name of Sehat Cards. Road infrastructure will now be up to par with international standards, which the PTI administration sadly had not done. Green energy would reduce the cost of electricity for the general public.

General Public Would Be Offered Loans With No Interest

“The province is experiencing many issues and we will have to get it out of the current impasse,” said the CM. “The general public would be offered loans with no interest totaling more than Rs20 billion. We will make sure that aid arrives at the doorsteps of the needy, and the PML-N will labour day and night to meet the obstacles, no matter what,” he said. 

Leghari’s remarks came to a close as Panel of Chairmen Khalil Tahir Sindhu declared that despite the Opposition’s invitation to submit cut motions, no one from it had done so. However, he began the procedure of approving the grant requests, which were approved one at a time. 

Journalists Present At The Meeting Boycotted

For a brief period, the journalists present at the meeting boycotted it in order to draw attention to their ongoing problems. The administration, for its part, established a committee with the ministers of the law and the home as members to address them in order of importance. 

The budget meeting was also attended by the chief minister, Hamza Shehbaz. The house was then suspended until this afternoon, Thursday.

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