PM directs to ban on export edibles

PM directs to ban on export edibles

PM directs to ban on export edibles

ISLAMABAD: Tuesday, in view of the current situation in the world, Pm directs to ban on export edibles products eaten by the common man.

After two weeks the decision will be tested.

The Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan, approved the Commission’s order to probe the rise in the price of sugar for a span of three weeks for publication.

Some Members participated directly, others via the video call, and others were unable to attend due to issues with video connections. Dr Zafar Mirza, SAPM Health briefed the cabinet on the current COVID-19 condition.

The cabinet also accepted a program of services for health staff in conjunction with COVID-19. Any health care worker who dies on duty related to COVID-19 shall be entitled to the same compensation as in the case of security-related deaths found in the Shuhada Plan applied to government servants. The program is for the ICT, AJK and Gilgit Baltistan domains relevant.

In its meetings of 22 and 27 April, the cabinet approved decisions of the Economic Cooperation Committee (ECC).

Approving the Rs75 billion relief plan, the Prime Minister ordered SAPM for Social Welfare Dr. Sania Nishtar and Industry Minister Hammad Azhar to formulate a holistic labour relief system in the first step of the job cycle. Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, Finance Adviser, told the cabinet of the success of the Competition Commission for Pakistan in regulating affairs. The cabinet approved Ms Shaista Bano Gillani’s nomination as Acting President of Pakistan’s Competition Board.

At its meeting on 27 April, the cabinet adopted the recommendations of the CCLC (Cabinet Committee on Statutory Cases).

In theory the cabinet approved the ‘Netting of Financial Contracts Bill, 2020’ in order to remove any ambiguity in the enforcement of netting rights, bankruptcies, insolvency proceedings, restricted the powers of liquidoirs to prevent the cherry picking, in netting clauses, of eligible financial contracts and transactions, that would require financial guarantees.

When law is applied, in the presence of a netting, agreement eligible financial contracts can often be reached based on a “netting.”

The cabinet has approved a proposal to alert businesses who are members of the Credit Bureau and to supply data in accordance with the Credit Bureau Law, 2015 The Forum authorizing the Federal Government grant aid allocation to journalists, particularly press clubs, to journalists and to journalists.

Restructuring of the Pak-Arab Refinery Limited (Parco) Board of Directors was approven by the cabinet. The Board of Directors was accepted by Aftab Hussein (Sindh), Abdul Hadi Shah (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) and Bushra Naz Malik (representative of Punjab / Women).

In addition, at the meeting of May 5 the Cabinet Secretary was advised to advise the participants about this issue.

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