Mineral waters are not safe_ PCRWR

Mineral waters are not safe_ PCRWR

Mineral waters are not safe_ PCRWR

Mineral waters are not safe: Tuesday, 7 of the 61 samples collected from different cities found Mineral water marks unsafe to human use, said Pakistan Water Resources Research Council (PCRWR)  in compliance with their latest quarterly (January-March) survey. 

The Government has selected the PCRWR to track the bottled / mineral water products on a quarterly basis and report the findings in the best interests of public health through the Ministry of Science and Technology.

For the last quarter of the year (January to March 2020), the Tando Jam, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Islamabad, Muzafrarabad, Multan and Karachi gathered 61 samples of mineral / water bottled products, a press release published on the website. Comparisons of test findings with acceptable thresholds for Pakistan Norms and the PSQCA have considered seven products unacceptable for human use and said these mineral waters are not safe.

The occurrence of excess sodium amounts of 66-86 mg/ l than sodium distilled water norm for 50 mg / l (PSQCA) was found to be unstable for three of them (i.e. NFS, Super Natural and Hibba) and to be unsafer for two products, such as Dropice and Aqualus, owing to a decreased pH (6.09-6.16). Two products were found to be questionable owing to bacteria exposure (i.e. Aqua Royals and Aqua Natural). The full report can be found at www.pcrwr.gov.pk. PCRWR website.

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