Pervez Elahi joined PTI

Pervez Elahi joined PTI

PML-Q revoked the membership of Pervez Elahi after which he joined Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf along with other 15 party members. PML-Q President Chohdary Shujaat Hussain dismissed Pervez Elahi from his party and terminated the membership.

A show cause notice was sent to Pervez Elahi on his comments about merging PML-Q with PTI which he did not responded and in result he got dismissed from his post. Yesterday Pervez Elahi announced to join PTI in a meeting held at Zaman Park.

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The notice of his dismissal state that “Elahi once again violated the Party’s code of conduct by ignoring the show cause notice sent to him”. It is also reported that this dismissal is result of Elahi’s 26 January action of removing Chohdary Shujaat as President. This was a serious mistake and tremendous harm for the party’s reputation.

On January 15, Pervez Elahi also announced the merging of PML-Q with PTI which was totally unacceptable by party workers and disturbed the party discipline. Elahi said that any such merging will strengthen the party.

In a show cause notice sent to Pervez Elahi it is said that PML-Q as a political party has its own identity and discipline which others are violating. If anyone wants to join another party then they should resign from position and go with any other party they want.

Split in PML-Q

Differences and disagreements started in March last year at the time of no-confidence movement against Imran Khan. At that time Pervez and Moonis Elahi joined PTI while Shujaat Hussain decided to support opposition.

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The same split was witnessed when Chohdary Shujaat decided to support Hamza Shahbaz as Punjab Chief Minister. In August, Shujaat asked Pervez Elahi to put an end to difference but he did not agreed. Deciding the reunion of party ended up the separation into two camps of party which is now resulted in Pervez Elahi joining PTI.

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