Pakistan’s Symmetry Group Forges Partnership with Prominent US Tech Firm

pakistan symmetry group forges partnership with prominent us tech firm

pakistan symmetry group forges partnership with prominent us tech firm

Symmetry Group, a Pakistan-based digital technology company, has recently signed a significant agreement with Hummingbird International LLC, a renowned tech firm in the United States. This strategic partnership marks a pivotal step towards delivering transformation services and is expected to yield substantial revenue, with projections exceeding $250,000 for the ongoing fiscal year.

History of Hummingbird International LLC:

Established in 2010, Hummingbird International LLC specializes in e-waste recycling, encompassing a range of electronic devices, including laptops, computers, LCDs, monitors, hard drives, and computer peripherals. Their commitment to sustainable practices aligns perfectly with Symmetry Group’s vision for transformative digital solutions.

Pakistan’s Symmetry Group’s Impressive Debut on the Stock Market:

Symmetry Group Limited (SYM) made its notable debut in the stock market last August, generating considerable investor interest. The company attracted substantial total participation of Rs 677.96 million, surpassing its initial issue size of Rs 430.27 million by an impressive 1.58 times. Shareholders eagerly seized the opportunity to acquire SYM shares at an enticing price of Rs 4.3 per share. As a result, the company’s shares experienced a surge in demand, reaching approximately Rs 3.8 after the announcement.

Financial Milestones of Symmetry Group:

Symmetry Group’s unaudited accounts for the first six months of FY23 (July-December) revealed promising financial figures. The company achieved a net revenue of Rs220.3 million during this half-year period, coupled with a profit-after-tax of Rs75.6 million. These results showcase a significant improvement compared to the full-year net income of Rs341.6 million and a profit of Rs71.3 million for FY22. Notably, Symmetry Group has sustained a consistent five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7% in net revenue, while profit has surged impressively by 34%.

Pioneering Digital Transformation:

Symmetry Group distinguishes itself as a digital technology and experiences company specializing in creating digital products and services. With a primary focus on transforming and digitalizing marketing, sales, and various consumer-centric functions within organizations, the company offers an array of services.

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These include digital consultancy, digital strategy development, the creation of intellectual properties tailored to clients, web, mobile, and desktop application development, website and portal design, and user interface enhancement. Additionally, Symmetry Group develops IoT (Internet of Things) devices, making it a versatile player in the digital technology landscape.

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Symmetry Group’s partnership with Hummingbird International LLC and impressive financial performance underscores its commitment to driving digital transformation and innovation while fostering sustainable business practices. As it continues to make strides in the digital technology sector, Symmetry Group is poised to make a lasting impact on the industry.

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