North Korea says US soldier Travis King fled because of racism

north korea says us soldier travis king fled because of racism

north korea says us soldier travis king fled because of racism

North Korea, officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, has said that Travis King, a United States (U.S.) soldier, left the country because of “inhuman maltreatment and racial discrimination” in the army.

US soldier Travis King, a 23-year-old man, crossed across the border from South Korea on 18 July, in order to get refugee in the North, as reported by state media. 

According to reports, the US soldier also admitted to crossing the border illegally. He went into the North while on a guided tour of the Joint Security Area (JSA), a section separating South Korea and North Korea.

Travis King has not been heard since his crossing. Concerns about his safety started to increase among US officials. 

This was North Korea’s first public acknowledgment about the case. Notably, the US said it could not verify the claims made by North Korea.

According to US officials, Travis King wanted to cross the borders. However, they did not classify him as a prisoner of war. North Korea claimed that Travis King crossed the borders intentionally and illegally to stay in the North.

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According to the Korean Central News Agency, Travis King was kept under control by soldiers of the Korean People’s Army after his crossing of the border. Reportedly, the soldiers wanted to investigate the whole matter. Travis King admitted that he was “disillusioned at the unequal American society.”

Earlier this month, Travis King’s uncle Myron Gates revealed that his nephew was experiencing racism, as reported by the ABC News. His mother Claudine Gates also said, “It feels like I’m in a big nightmare.

His family said that King faced racism in the army, and his mental health was affected. Claudine Gates said that the family was seeking answers. 

Meanwhile, the United States Security Council is set to hold a meeting on Thursday to discuss the human rights situation in North Korea.

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