Meta’s AI-fueled chatbots bring celebrities to your private conversations

meta's ai fueled chatbots bring celebrities to your private conversations

meta’s ai fueled chatbots bring celebrities to your private conversations

In a really impressive show of technology skills, the boss of Meta Platforms, Mark Zuckerberg, has talked about some really cool new things they’re working on. They’re making smart glasses, chatbots that act like famous people, and improving their virtual reality goggles. These inventions are going to change how we use artificial intelligence in our lives.

Personality-infused chatbots

Meta is doing something really big with chatbots. These chatbots are not like regular ones we use.  They have their own personalities and know a lot about specific things when you talk to them, they can help you in a more personal and interesting way. They can help with things like solving problems, suggesting places to visit or giving cooking tips. Meta’s chatbots are made to make talking to them feel more special and fun.

Meta’s Ray-Ban smart glasses

Meta is launching new smart glasses on October 17th, and they will cost £299. These glasses are special because they have a Meta AI helper in them. With these glasses, you can easily share what you see on Facebook and Instagram while you’re out and about. It’s not just for taking pictures; it’s like you’re in the moment, and it mixes the real world with the online world.

Quest 3: The ultimate mixed-reality experience

On October 10th  Meta is releasing a new headset called the Quest 3, and it starts at £500. This headset is all about giving you amazing mixed reality experiences. It’s designed to be a great deal in the world of virtual reality and competes with Apple’s expensive Vision Pro headset. With the Quest 3, you can enjoy virtual adventures while still being aware of what’s happening in the real world through live video. It’s like having a super cool mix of both real and virtual worlds.

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Generative AI

Meta is using smart AI to make things more creative. This means it can automatically write text and make pictures that look real. This makes talking with people and creating stuff more interesting.
Mark Zuckerberg talked about this at the Meta Connect conference, which was their first in-person event since the pandemic. He said that Meta wants to make cool technology available to everyone and not too expensive. They’re doing things like combining famous people with AI chatbots and giving us fun tech experiences. The tech world is changing fast, and Meta wants to be a leader in making it more fun and interactive.

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