FBI Warns Sikh US Nationals of Life Threats After Nijjar’s Murder

fbi warns sikh us nationals of life threats after nijjar's murder

fbi warns sikh us nationals of life threats after nijjar’s murder

Recently the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raised a question about the safety of three American Sikh nationals following the brutal murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada. Hardeep Singh Nijjar was an important leader who was related with the Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF). He was  shot in June outside a gurdwara in Surrey which is located in Canada.

After Nijjar’s murder the FBI contacted Pritpal Singh who is  a coordinator for the US Sikh Caucus Committee, along with two others. They were alerted to potential threats to their lives based on intelligence reports. The FBI provided them with specific safety instructions to ensure their protection.

This situation led to tensions between India, Canada and the United States. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a speech to the House of Commons, about how any religious murder in his soul is not acceptable and also  hinted at Indian involvement in Nijjar’s murder. India strongly denied any role in the killing.

The fallout resulted in diplomatic expulsions, visa application suspensions and calls for a reduction in diplomatic staff in each other’s countries. The allegations raised concerns for the safety of Sikh leaders abroad who advocate for an independent Sikh state.

Pritpal Singh described these actions as a form of “transnational repression” by the Indian government, also shared that it not only threatens individuals but also undermines democratic institutions, curtails rights and freedoms, and challenges national security.

Another American citizen, Amarjit Singh,who is  a New York-based journalist and commentator, also received FBI warnings about threats to his life. He was initially contacted by the FBI after participating in a protest against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his state visit to the US.

Amarjit Singh, who decided to go public with his experience after Canada PM Trudeau’s statements. He  shared that the FBI’s warning was clear: “no travel, just keep yourself safe.”

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Recent revelations about Nijjar’s murder suggest it was a more organized operation than previously thought, involving at least six men and two vehicles. This information deepens concerns about the safety of Sikh leaders and activists.

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Moninder Singh, who is  a spokesperson for the British Columbia Gurdwaras Council disclosed that he and other members of his community had been warned by Canadian authorities in 2022 about imminent threats to their lives. However, they were not informed of the nature or source of the threats.

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