Lionel Messi leaving PSG

Lionel Messi leaving PSG

Lionel Messi finally joined Inter Miami after finishing his contract with Paris Saint Germain, Messi after leaving PSG is hoping for people to treat him differently. Different clubs from the World asked Messi to join them but he chose Inter Miami among all.

Lionel Messi has given an interview to a sports channel in which he talked about his departure from PSG. He said, “I came to Paris because I liked the club, because I had friends and a lot of people I knew in the dressing room, teammates from the national team or some I had been with before”.

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“It seemed to me that, beyond what the club was, I was going to have much easier adaptation than in other teams I could have gone to, so that’s a little bit why I have decided to go to the club”, he added.

Difficulties in PSG

Messi also talked about difficulties and challenges he faced while playing in France under PSG. He said, “The truth is that it was a very difficult adaptation, much more than I expected. Apart from the fact that I had people I knew in the dressing room and I had relations with them”.

He further said, “It was complicated to adapt to a new change. I arrived late, I did not have a pre-season. I had to adapt to a new city, which was difficult for my family and me. It was really complicated”.

Lionel Messi said, “Afterwards, people started to treat me differently. Part of the PSG crowd, the rest and the majority still treated me as they did at the beginning, but there was a break with the PSG fans”.

From Messi’s interview, fans are speculating that Messi was not happy being in PSG and the club also could not manage to treat him good.

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The GOAT also mentioned that, “It was not my intention, far from it, to generate that break. It also happened with Neymar or Mbappe before. I will keep all the people who respected me as I have always respected everyone since I arrived”.

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