Roman Reigns set to return on WWE Smackdown

Roman Reigns set to return on WWE Smackdown

Roman Reigns is set to return to WWE Smackdown next week, Roman Reigns was not in the game for Smackdown but he will be back for next week’s show and fans are a lot much excited for their favorite.

The bloodline of the game including Sami Zayn is facing major downfall in 2023. Sami Zayn also left the faction and went witb Kevin Owens, one of the group’s biggest opposition. The things in Bloodline is totally mess and don’t look to be improving.

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With the return of Roman Reigns, fans are expecting that there may be an attempt at correcting things. Roman Reigns may appear on WWE Smackdown and offer ease to his angry cousins.

Roman Reigns will try to solve conflicts with cousins as family should come first in this kind of situations. Well, it is still not confirmed as Roman Reigns is not a kind of person to accept his mistake easily.

Peaceful Resolution or Attack

Roman Reigns may prefer getting out of the conflict altogether be it peaceful resolution or any kind of attack. Roman Reigns is also unlikely to give up any control over the most dominant faction in WWE history.

It is also possible that Reigns could attack Uso and Jey Uso along with Solo Sikoa. This could be possibly one of the most brutal beatings as Roman will definitely try to send some messages for the company.

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The Bloodline has also change dramatically in 2023, Sami Zayn is gone, both the Usos are now out of the group. The group went from six people in the start of 2023 to only three people now.

Now fans are waiting for Roman Reigns comeback to sort things out in Bloodline.

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