Komal Aziz speaks up against Ali Noor

Actor Komal Aziz has termed the ongoing harassment scandal against singer Ali Noor ‘disgusting’.

She shared her stance on her official Instagram after Journalist Ayesha Binte Rashid accused Noor of sexual harassment. Ayesha shared screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation with the singer.

“You manipulated me. What happened in the backseat of my car while going to the airport was harassment. You’re a predator and sexual harasser,” she wrote in a message to Ali Noor.

“Womaniser with a God complex who can’t break out of his toxic patterns,” Ayesha.

Ayesha shared Ali’s reply to her messages where he thanked her for the “Wakeup call.”

The crooner claimed that Ayesha didn’t share all of his replies to her.

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“I got a message from newspapers that I have been accused of #MeToo by Binte. My apologies have been put up. However, she didn’t put all of them in and that’s sad.”

“I suggested I should be executed publicly. She wasn’t taking me seriously. I am so glad that she has finally put it out,” he added.

Ali said he held the release of his upcoming song as he wanted to release his song in “peace”.

“After deliberating various responses, I conclude that the only right response is that I am deeply sorry.”

Pakistani actor Komal Aziz has also spoken up against her landlord harassing her.

Komal made headlines when a clip on social media went viral. A person openly took Komal’s money and is now on the run.

This is the first time Aziz has openly detailed what exactly happened.

The starlet took to her official Facebook to share the events that left her helpless. “Every morning I felt like I was falling into a pit,” started Komal, “I had a horrible feeling getting to work. I am simultaneously handling shoots along with legal proceedings against the Shahanis.”

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