IPhone 15 Update & Price

IPhone 15 Update & Price

Apple iPhone 15 leaks have uncovered most of Apple’s biggest upgrades, everyone is curious about the cost of new upgrade. The price of pro model is expected to increase by up to $200 but there are also some unique twists coming with this update.

Apple will allegedly downgrade the manufacturing process for the iPhone 15 pro and Pro Max’s new A17 chipset, making the chip less efficient but more affordable to produce.

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The news of upgrade and manufacturing changing came from Weibo poster Cell Phone Chip Expert, who has ammassed almost 400,000 followers due to solid track record of chip production leaks.

The leakers recently explained, “The A17 used in stock this year’s iPhone 15 pro and iPhone 15 pro max is an N3B process, but the A17 produced at some point next year will be switched to a cost-reducing N3E process, which may be less efficient”.

The phone will come in 2024 which would be midcycle for the iPhone 15 lineup, given the new range will launch in September 2023. It is very unusual of Apple to change manufacturing midcycle, but it happened in iPhone’s upcoming model.

Price & Production Conflict

With changing the production cost savings, it looks like that customers will be paying more for the iPhone 15 and Pro Max. In return, buyers can expect an updated super thin bezel design, improved cameras and a new customizable Action Button.

Two bigger updates coming from iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max were further rubber-stamped today after a new case leak from long-time industry.

Another update includes with the periscope lens potentially opening up a wide gap in zoom camera performance in favor of the iPhone 15 pro max. When the technology has been used by rivals, such as Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra, the zoom performance shot ahead of iPhones.

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Apple also has a history of tweaking the position of its volume buttons, with the company seemingly never quite happy, despite iPhone screen sizes remain unchanged with past model launched in 2018.

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