‘Interference’ A Foot To Change By-Poll Results In Punjab: Imran

‘Interference’ A Foot To Change By-Poll Results In Punjab: Imran

Imran Khan Claimed That “Intervention” Was Taking Place

Imran Khan, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), claimed on Thursday that “intervention” (mudakhlat) was taking place to alter the results of impending by-elections in Punjab. Imran Khan often reserves the phrase “interference” to indicate the supposed US role in his downfall.

Speaking at the conference “Regime Change and its Fallout on Pakistan,” hosted by the Islamabad High Court Bar Association, he said that two PTI candidates had informed him that they had received calls from unknown numbers telling them not to accept PTI tickets (IHCBA).

Free And Fair Elections

Only free and fair elections, the former prime minister said, could resolve the problems the nation was currently experiencing.

According to him, Pakistan was created because Muslims want freedom. “Pakistan wasn’t built to end one form of slavery and continue to practise another. I read the cypher three times after seeing it [supposedly delivered to then-Pakistani ambassador Asad Majeed Khan by US Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lu].

Imran Khan’s Decision To Travel To Russia

Imran Khan’s decision to travel to Russia was discussed. The US official claimed that it was not a collaborative decision, despite our diplomat’s best efforts to persuade him otherwise,” he stated.
When announcing that his party would appeal the high court’s ruling to the Supreme Court, Mr. Khan questioned how Hamza Shehbaz could continue to serve as Punjab’s chief minister given that the court had deemed his election to office to be “flawed.”

He insisted once more that the Pakistani Election Commission had lost all credibility, adding that pre-election rigging was taking place in Punjab and that the commission had shown no sign of changing despite evidence that PTI candidates were receiving phone calls cautioning them not to run for office on PTI tickets.

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Local Body Elections In Sindh

He asserted that the local body elections in Sindh had been questioned by the government’s own allies and that “police was employed” to rig the results. He further forewarned that because the situation in Punjab was different from that in Sindh, the elections there would be even more chaotic.

The former prime minister claimed that the present “installed administration” was proving to be devastating for the nation and its institutions and that holding early, free, and fair elections was the only option to save the nation from the “prevailing untold catastrophes.”

Primary Issue Facing Developing Nations

According to him, the primary issue facing developing nations is the impunity with which the wealthy and powerful steal billions of dollars every year. He claimed that the fact that $7,000 billion from developing nations had been hidden in offshore corporations demonstrated the seriousness of the matter. He claimed that because the ruling class was receiving all facilities, “major robbers” in corruption cases involving Rs. 1,100 billion had received a clean bill of health.

The former finance minister Shukat Tarin and I also warned “neutrals” that political unrest would result if the plot [against the PTI government] was successful because it would have serious consequences for the nation, according to Mr. Khan.

Power Of Shehbaz Sharif And Asif Ali Zardari

The return to power of Shehbaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari, who ruled the nation for 30 years only to steal and rob, was claimed to be part of a plot that had been in the works for a year.

The PTI chairman continued by claiming that he had previously predicted that these “thieves” would band together against him and begin extortion to obtain the NRO [agreement].

Imran Khan said he understood the West better than these people when speaking about Pakistan’s decision to join the US war on terror because there was no permanent friend or foe in international politics, only interest, as was evident from the nation’s enormous sacrifices in the conflict but the US never acknowledged them.

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