Indian Olympic Wrestlers are on Protest Roads

Indian Olympic Wrestlers are on Protest Roads

Two Olympic Wrestlers have been detained by Indian police when they were trying to protest against the alleged sexual abuse of female athletes. Olympic protestors were marching towards Parliament house for justice.

Bajrang Punia and Sakshi Malik were among the Olympic protestor who were protesting against the sexual harrasment by seniors. They were stopped by hundreds of police, who were on duty for the building’s inauguration.

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Two-time World Championship medallist Vinesh Phogat and her sister Sangeeta were also among the country’s top wrestlers to be detained by Police.

While talking to media, Ms Malik said, “This is wrong, we were walking quietly, they dragged us forcefully and detained us and they are not even telling us where we will be taken”.

Indian Parliament Boycott

As Indian protestors continue to prostest against the government officials, the most opposition parties boycotted the Parliament and had not followed the directions.

Mr Phogat said, “Our people are not being allowed to march”. He requested police with folded hands and asked to let them go and that they would go peacefully to ask for justice from government.

The police also removed tents and other items from the protesting site where the protestors have been camped out for weeks. Their handling of March has been criticised by a number of opposition parties.

Sakshi Malik, Vinesh Phogat and other main wrestlers strongly condemned the way Delhi police is dealing with champions. It is shameful manner, the way police dragged the athletes.

The First Indian Women Olympic winner tweeted, “Satyagraha, a form of non-violent resistance, again”.

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The Indian Olympic Association also set up a committee to investigate the allegations against Mr Singh, which submitted its report weeks ago. The committee’s findings have not been revealed yet.

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