In Lodhran power show, Khan urges supporters to defeat ‘nexus of ECP and PML-N’

Imran Khan, the former prime minister, asked his team and supporters on Monday to assist his party in the next by-election in Lodhran

These remarks were given by the PTI chairman during a PTI power show in Lodhran. 

in order to break the “nexus” between the PML-N and the Election Commission of Pakistan and to fight “turncoats” in both groups. 

Imran lamented the situation in Karachi, where at least five people have died as a result of the persistent rain that has drowned large parts of the city and left more without power, at the beginning of his speech. 

In contrast to the PTI’s past administration in Punjab under Usman Buzdar, he charged that the Sindh government was unprepared to handle the monsoon rains. 

Imran claimed that in order to store rainwater and stop it from triggering urban flash floods, the Buzdar administration had set up subterranean water tanks. 

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Due to “corrupt” elements, such as PPP leaders Asif Ali Zardari, being in authority, he claimed that the same could not be done in Sindh. Imran stated, “Until he (Zardari) is there, Sindh cannot advance. 

The PTI chairman claimed that Murad Ali Shah, the chief minister of Sindh, and Zardari had corruption charges prepared during his administration. He claimed that “those who had [the real] power” kept the pair from receiving the justice they deserved. 

He attacked Ahsan Iqbal, the leader of the PML-N, for suggesting in a speech that “corruption doesn’t inhibit economic development, but instability and policy reversals do,” branding him as the “lying Aristotle.” 

He discussed the recent incident in which Iqbal was heckled at a restaurant and screamed abuse such as “chor (thief)” against. Iqbal’s hecklers, according to Imran, were just “speaking the truth” and not acting inappropriately. 

Imran criticised the current administration’s explanation for inflation from when it was in opposition and his party was in power. He compared the cost of food and energy under his administration to those today, stating that this was evidence that the case against him was unfounded. 

He claimed that in order to “amend accountability laws, grant themselves an NRO, and close their corruption investigations,” the PML-N and its allies really wanted to leave office.

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