How to Register Mobile in PTA

How to Register Mobile in PTA

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has planned to make it necessary for all of us living in Pakistan to have our mobile phones registered with the PTA in order to deter the use of unlawful cellular cellphones in the nation. 

PTA is in charge of policing the creation, implementation, administration, and distribution of telecommunication services in the nation. 

Recently, the PTA has mandated that all cell phone users check and register their devices with the relevant authorities online. Your phone could be confiscated by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority if it isn’t registered with their mobile registration page. 

This article will cover all the procedures and techniques for registering a mobile device with the PTA, as well as a number of other crucial details. 

Everyone frequently asks, “How can I register my mobile device on PTA?” You should read this article all the way through if you fall into this category to learn everything there is to know about the PTA’s mobile registration process. 

Check Your Mobile Registration

You must first check and confirm your PTA mobile registration. You must be aware of the registration processes if your device is not registered. 

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The data shows that many Pakistanis seek for “PTA mobile register check” to make sure their phones are PTA registered. So this is easy. Take the actions listed: 

Send a message with your device’s IMEI number to “8484” (PTA’s short code). 

If your cell phone is registered with PTA or not, you will receive a confirmation message in a matter of seconds. 

To verify the status of your device’s registration, you can use utilize the PTA’s official website. 

Your device’s IMEI status will be compliant, which means PTA has accepted it if it has been registered with PTA. 

You can still utilize services like SMS and calls with your device even if you haven’t registered it with the PTA, as indicated by the IMEI status being non-compliant. 

And if it said “blocked,” that means PTA has blocked your gadget and you are no longer able to use it until you pay the taxes. 

After obtaining a prohibited IMEI notification from PTA, you must register your smartphone or tablet in order to use it. In this post, we’ll go over some of the various ways you can register your mobile phone, as well as some of the tactics we’ll cover in more detail later. 

Further Details

All SIM/IMEI-based products, such as a cell phones, a smartwatch, iPad, and so on, require registration. 

You do not need to register your gadget unless you took it with you from another nation when you arrived in Pakistan and plan to use it there for more than 60 days after arriving. 

Your mobile devices, whether new or old, only need to be registered if you plan to use them for the first time while on duty in Pakistan and they were given to you as a present by someone who resides overseas. 

And, you must register your gadget even when its IMEI has been validated by the PTA and is genuine.

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