How to escape the ‘Forwarded’ tag on WhatsApp?

Headline How to escape the ‘Forwarded’ tag on WhatsApp?

Nothing makes you doubt the authenticity of a message more than a label that says it has been forwarded multiple times. If you think slightly deeper, that’s precisely the point of the forwarded label.

Many people use WhatsApp’s forwarding feature to send messages across multiple (and usually crowded) group chats. This increases the odds of virality with minimum input.

As more and more users started spreading misinformation on the platform, WhatsApp minimised the number of chats to which you could forward a message.

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If you use the latest version of WhatsApp, whenever you send forth a message to any contact or group, the receivers will know that the message was sent to you by another contact.

If you wish to forward a message on WhatsApp, your initial instinct would be to long-tap the text to select it and then tap the right-pointing arrow at the top of your screen.

And, well, your instinct is wronged at that very moment, as your message is marked with the stigma of being forwarded.

To escape this, instead of long-tapping the message you want to resend, press the three dots in the top right corner of your screen, and then press Copy. The platform will let you know the message is now in your clipboard to use it the way you please.

To resend it, open the recipient’s chat and long-press the message field until you see a Paste option. Paste it and hit the send button.

If you want to resend a photo, video, or file, the process is similar. Select the document by pressing on it for a long time, and open the options by pressing the three dots in the upper right corner of your screen. You’ll see ”copy” is not an option—instead, hit Share. The platform will immediately redirect you to the sharing screen, where you will be able to choose a frequent WhatsApp contact or another messaging platform altogether.

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