Heavy Rain in Makkah

Heavy Rain in Makkah

Makkah, the city of Almighty is witnessing heavy Rain in the Holy Month of Ramadan. It seems pretty unique and once in months event as there is no or less rain in the city of Makkah and Medina.

From past three to five months, Makkah and Medina is witnessing showers of Rain and people are enjoying the beautiful rain in the most beautiful cities of the World. There are millions of people gathered in Makkah for performing Umrah in Ramadan and pleasant weather is making their Holy month more attractive.

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Mountains Turned Green

The mountains in and around the city of Malkah have turned green after rain spells continuing from past three to five months and after flash floods in December. The videos of lush green valleys and fresh air after rain is circulating all over the internet.

Particularly in Western Saudi Arabia, several parts of arid landscapes turned green. The rain images caught in satellite is also provided by NASA. The rain also helped in growth of vegetation in the Holy City of Muslims.

Prediction of Last Hour

Many users are in surprise after the rain videos of Makkah circulating on social media. Some users linked it to a narration by Prophet Muhammad SAW who said, “The Last Hour will not come till the land of Arabia reverts to meadows and rivers”.

Some of the users also cautioned about reaching any conclusions from it as the rain is normal and has happened before.

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The people of Saudi Arabia also prayed special prayers for rain called istisqa in the month of November after which Saudi Arabia is having rains from month of December.

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