Government’s Plan to Help with High Electricity Bills Shared with IMF

government's plan to help with high electricity bills shared with imf

government’s plan to help with high electricity bills shared with imf

The government has a plan to help people who have to pay a lot of money for electricity. They talked about this plan with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), as said in The News newspaper on Thursday. They wanted to make things easier for the people, but they also promised to do what the previous government had agreed with the IMF.

Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, who is taking care of the country’s money matters, said that a group of important people from Pakistan met with the IMF. Even though she wasn’t in that group, she said that Pakistan will do what the IMF wanted.

People who know a lot about money in the government said that they have kept aside 250 billion rupees in the budget for the year 2023-24. They might use this money to help people with their electricity bills. But they need the IMF’s permission to do this, and it might only be for those who use a certain amount of electricity (up to 400 units).

They also want to change how they bill people, and some people might have to pay less if the government uses some of the money from the budget to help them. But this money could be used only for people who use up to 400 units of electricity, and the IMF has to agree.

A big person who talks to the IMF said that they won’t do things that the IMF doesn’t want. They have rules about how much money they can spend on helping with electricity and other things, and they will follow those rules. They also want to save a specific amount of money this year.

However, the government hasn’t given the written plan to the IMF yet. People who know about money and economics think that this might make the plan take longer to happen.

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Pakistan has a problem with things being very expensive, especially electricity. People have been protesting for the last five days because they are angry about the high bills. They have even burned some bills and said they won’t pay. The government, which is taking care of things for now, had a meeting to try to solve this problem. But they want to get the IMF’s permission before they do anything.

The IMF, told Pakistan to write down their plan to help with electricity bills. This shows that the government wants to make things better for the people while also doing things the right way with the IMF.

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