Baidu’s AI ChatBot Ernie Bot Steps into the Global AI Arena

baidu's ai chatbot ernie bot steps into the global ai arena

baidu’s ai chatbot ernie bot steps into the global ai arena

China’s tech giant Baidu has introduced its own AI creation, similar to ChatGPT, to keep up in the global AI race. This move follows the green light from the Chinese government as the country pushes forward with AI technology.

Baidu, which is known for its online search services, announced the launch of its AI chatbot named Ernie Bot, which works much like ChatGPT. This chatbot will be accessible to everyone, marking a significant step. Alongside Baidu, two other AI startups, Baichuan Intelligent Technology and Zhipu AI, are also introducing their chatbots on the same day.

Unlike some Western countries where AI products can be released without strict regulations, China has a different approach. Companies here need to get approval from the government before launching AI products for the mass market. This is a unique feature of China’s AI landscape. The government aims to ensure security and control as AI becomes a competitive focal point in the world, particularly in comparison to the United States. Everyone thinks it’s easy to search through CHAT GPT and saves time. It’s getting popular day by day.

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Media reports suggest that around 11 companies have already gained government approval for their AI products, including big names like ByteDance, the creator of TikTok, and SenseTime Group. These companies are moving ahead with AI innovation under the new regulations.

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This development comes after China introduced interim rules to oversee generative AI products’ deployment. These rules, active from August 15, allow companies to carry out more extensive public testing of their AI products, marking a departure from the earlier limited scope. With China’s commitment to AI advancement, it’s clear that the country is determined to make its mark on the global AI stage.

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