X, Formerly Twitter, Allows Political Ads Amid Election Season

x, formerly twitter, allows political ads amid election season

x, formerly twitter, allows political ads amid election season

In a surprising twist, X, which was previously known as Twitter, has decided to change its rules about political advertising. This change comes just as the United States starts getting ready for the 2024 presidential election. X used to say no to political ads, but now it’s saying yes with a catch.

Even though X is letting political ads back in, it’s still very serious about stopping fake or wrong information from spreading. It wants to make sure people get the right facts, even when they see political ads.

X talked about its plan in a recent blog post. This new move is a way for politicians to talk to people online and share their ideas, especially in the time of social media, since not many people are reading newspapers these days. At the same time, X hopes this change will bring in more money because the company hasn’t been making as much lately.

Before this, X had relaxed its rules a bit to let “cause-based advertising” happen. Now, this change let’s politicians and groups advertise to support or go against certain candidates. This is different from what X did in 2019 when it said no to all political ads during the 2020 US presidential election.

Elon Musk, the leader of X, believes in the idea of everyone being able to speak their mind. But some people wonder if X can really control what everyone says on the platform. X is making plans to check ads more carefully to make sure only the right people can put them up. They are also hiring more people to keep an eye on the platform and make sure nothing harmful happens, like AI-made pictures causing problems.

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Things are changing on X when it comes to political ads. It’s going to be interesting to see how this new plan works out during the upcoming election time.

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