Gen Asim Munir – Pakistan’s 17th Chief of Army Staff

Pakistan’s 17th Chief of Army Staff

General Asim Munir’s Appointment

Tuesday’s ceremony at the General Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi marked General Asim Munir’s appointment as the new chief of army staff (COAS). 

Gen Munir assumed command after retiring COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa, becoming the nation’s 17th army commander. 

Last Monday, Shehbaz Sharif, the prime minister, chose Gen Munir to succeed Gen. Bajwa, putting an end to days of rumours about the choice. Gen. Munir will lead the Pakistani Army as its 17th army chief, according to Radio Pakistan. 

Ceremony at GHQ

Gen Bajwa and Gen Munir both placed wreaths and offered fateha at the Yadgar-i-Shuhada (Monument to Martyrs) in GHQ before the ceremony. 

The GHQ military band opened the ceremony, which got underway shortly after 10am, by playing a medley of national anthems and folk songs. 

Attendees included the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, General Sahir Shamshad Mirza, senior active and retired officers, diplomats, and government officials. 

Gen Bajwa’s Farewell Speech

“Gen. Munir is a competent and professional officer,” Gen Bajwa said. 

The departing COAS gave a speech at the ceremony before giving Gen. Munir the reins of command and expressed his gratitude for the chance to command the Pakistan Army. 

Gen. Bajwa wished Gen. Munir luck

Gen. Bajwa wished Gen. Munir luck in his new role as his successor and expressed his hope that the army and the nation will advance as a result of his promotion. He continued by saying that they had been friends for 24 years. 

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“He is a Hafiz-i-Quran in addition to being a competent, professional, and principled officer. I have no doubt that he will lead the army to unprecedented heights of achievement.” 

Gen. Bajwa anticipated that appointing Gen. Munir as the military commander would be advantageous for the nation and the army. He claimed he was giving his “skilled and capable son” control of the army. 

Military Career

Gen. Bajwa remarked, looking back on his military career, that the voyage, which started many years ago, was finally coming to a close. 

He reiterated that it was a “huge honour” for him and stated, “I am glad to God that he gave me the opportunity to serve for this wonderful army and given me the opportunity to command it.”

Natural Disasters

He claimed that throughout his six-year term, the army had always answered his call, whether it related to terrorism in various parts of the nation or natural disasters. 

“And they gave me blood instead of sweat when I asked for it.” 

Nation’s Allies and Adversaries

Both the nation’s allies and adversaries, according to Gen. Bajwa, recognised the sacrifices made by the army. “I am proud of my troops since they protect the nation’s borders from the deserts of Thar to the ice-capped mountains of Siachen despite having few resources.” 

He concluded his speech with prayers for the incoming army chief and the Pakistani army’s success, saying, “I shall too fade into irrelevance but my spiritual tie with the army will endure.”

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