Facebook to allow making multiple profiles on a single account 

Facebook to allow making multiple profiles on a single account 

Create one profile per account

Facebook currently only allows users to create one profile per account, but this may soon change with an upcoming upgrade. You can establish numerous profiles on the same account according to a new tool that the social media behemoth is testing. 

Create various profiles according to the groups

With this new function, users will be able to create various profiles according to the groups they want to communicate with. In order to ensure that you may quickly and efficiently access the appropriate groups depending on your profile without being distracted, this will allow you to build separate profiles for your job, family, friends, and other purposes. 

Create up to 5 profiles on a single account

According to Facebook, the new function “helps users personalise [their] experience based on relationships and interests.” The function, which the social network is now testing with insiders, allows you to create up to 5 profiles on a single account, which ought to be sufficient for most users. 

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Facebook advises using your real name on your primary profile to prevent any problems, while you are free to use alternative usernames and profile information on each one. Facebook has stated that all profiles associated with an account will be governed by the same corporate regulations to prevent any errors. 

Your auxiliary profiles won’t, however, share the same rights as your primary one. For instance, your primary profile is the only one where you can add and merge pages. There may be other features that are exclusive to the primary profile, but the specifics remain unknown. 

As was previously noted, Facebook is currently just testing the tool with a small number of people, so not everyone can access it. It’s unclear when the feature will exit testing, but when it does, a lot more people should have access to it.

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