Delay Your Politics For Covid-19: PM Urges PDM

Delay Your Politics For Covid-19: PM Urges PDM

Delay Your Politics For Covid-19: PM Urges PDM

Prime Minister Imran Khan has asked the 11 opposition parties under the banner of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) to delay their fight and political activities against the government for the sake of Covid-19 in the country as he said that the rallies were putting thousands of lives at risk.

He said that such rallies were having zero effect on the government but they were risking millions. He said this ahead of the opposition’s call for a rally in Lahore on Sunday.

Reminding the PDM of his own rallies in Islamabad, PM Khan said that no one does better rallies than him and said that he was pulling crowds in thousands every day. Nevertheless, he said that the Covid threat is real and the number of people dying from the virus is increasing with each passing day.

He also said that the stakeholders were pressurizing him as the government on one hand was banning public gatherings at hotels, restaurants, wedding halls, etc., whereas on the other hand, it was allowing the opposition to hold rallies.

The PDM has announced a massive rally in Lahore – home to the Pakistan Muslim League N – on Sunday (Dec 13) to announce its decision on the resignations.

Earlier, the premier had said that the government will not stop the opposition from holding rallies in Lahore but everyone who organizes such events shall be booked under the relevant laws. He said that the individuals who supply seats, tents, music hardware and other stuff at the opposition parties would be booked. Subsequently, the government book DJ Butt – formerly playing music for the PTI during the dharnas on the charges of disturbing the peace of neighborhood by playing loud music.

Moreover, in another bizarre arrest, the government booked the owner of the famous Butt Karahi in Lahore for serving the PMLN leader Maryam Nawaz Sharif while she was campaigning. The government has lodged an FIR against the owner of the Karachi restaurant along with the staff for failing to follow the standard operating procedures.

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