Cultural Cooperation between Pakistan & Germany

Cultural Cooperation between Pakistan & Germany

Pakistand and Germany decided to start mutual cooperation in the field of film, art and culture. The decision of cooperation came during ghe meeting between Maryam Aurangzeb and German Ambassador in Islamabad.

The Information and Broadcasting Minister Maryam Aurangzeb talked about Pakistan’s films and culture policy and the incentives needed to promote the entertainment industry of Pakistan.

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Screen Tourism of Pakistan

The Minister added that, We want to show the beautiful and lavish culture of Pakistan to whole world through screen tourism. Foreign filmmakers will be given special concessions for doing their work in Pakistan.

The Information Minister also talked about the opening of the Iqbal-Goethe Art and Culture Center in Berlin. It will bring together people of two countries further close to each other through arts, culture and entertainment.

She also advised the public and private sector of Pakistani film industry to cooperate film, art and culture of Pakistan and Germany. The German Media also reported about this initiative in their public and private channels.

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The trade value between both countries stands at four billion dollars right now, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting also focused on need to enhance and strengthen the trade between both countries.

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