Consulting ‘Absconder’ Nawaz to Name COAS a Disgrace: Imran

COAS a Disgrace

Who Should Be Next Army Chief

Imran Khan criticised Shehbaz Sharif on Monday for talking to his older brother about who should be the next army chief, and the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf said it was against the law and a violation of the PM’s oath of office. 

What could be a bigger embarrassment for our country than thieves making choices, the ex-premier asked. “We are seeing images [of Prime Minister] Shehbaz Sharif consulting Nawaz Sharif to choose the next army chief.” 

Inquiring as to whether “convicts and absconders” would be permitted to choose the new army head, Mr. Khan referred to Nawaz Sharif as a prisoner who had “lied to the nation and fled the country” as he had done under Musharraf’s rule. 

Head of Military’s Media Wing

Mr. Khan claimed he had questioned why the head of the military’s media wing could not understand that “thieves” should never choose the army leader. 

The Sharifs and Zardaris, he claimed, did not adhere to the meritocracy, thus he had simply urged that the next army leader be chosen on that basis. 

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If they had, he claimed, “seasoned politicians like Chaudhry Nisar would not have left the PML-N and intellectuals like Aitzaz Ahsan would have been in charge of the PPP.” 

PM Violates The Constitution

The PM was criticised for “violating his oath by consulting a felon and absconder” over such a crucial appointment by Fawad Chaudhry and Shireen Mazari on Monday. According to Mr. Chaudhry, the PML-N ministers acknowledged that the London conference was about the appointment and that Nawaz Sharif will choose the new COAS. 

He asserted that the Pakistan Army was dear to the hearts of the populace and that it was disrespectful to the army’s dignity and respect to let a criminal choose its leader. He continued, “PTI vehemently rejects this serious legal breach.” 

“Do those who brought the crime minister and cabal of crooks to power realise that this lot is a security risk and threat to Pakistan because everything is discussed with a convict sitting in London which is a violation of the Official Secrets Act, including confidential matters,” Dr. Mazari asked in her remarks.

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