Coke studio Pakistan bringing out the best talent from country

Coke studio Pakistan bringing out the best talent from country

Coke studio is popular for its diverse and unique nature for bringing artists from all around the globe with different backgrounds, culture, region and languages. The songs released by coke studio not only get popular in Asia, but around the world in US, Europe and African regions.  

Coke studio brings out the most talented people from Pakistan, under the musical themes of soul, empathy, love, spirituality, and longing. The aim of its producers is to bring out the true sound of nation to top tier sound in country.

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Top hits this season

Coke studio is doing phenomenal work in bringing out the unique artistic taste of Pakistan to the world. One thing that coke studio is famous for, collaboration of young artists with senior singers of Pakistan, from Abida Parveen, Atif Aslam towards, Arooj aftab and talented Kaifi Khalil, cokle studio is doing it best.

Kaana yaari, the famous hit in Balochi language got the ears from all around the world. It features the first Burqa-clad female singer, Eva B, Kaifi Khalil, one of the emerging talents from Layari. Another song pasoori sung by Ali sethi and Shae gill also got attention of every one in five person. It crossed over 100 million views in both India and Pakistan.

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The senior producer of coke studio linked the theme of studio with sensitivity; he said in an interview that all the artists we chose for performing are very emotional and soft hearted. That’s why all the songs we record are full of soul reflection and attract the heart of listeners.

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