China’s next generation aircraft

China's next generation aircraft

China’s new generation aircraft with 7 astronauts would be all ready to take its first flight in 2027-2028 by the end of decade as the global space race has already started between technology giants.

China’s crewed space flights started at first in 2003 when the former pilot Liwei was sent in an orbit using a bronze-coloured capsule. He was the first man of China to land in space for the first time.

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New-generation Spacecraft

Chinese space technology is keenly working for the first flight of their new-generation aircraft in 2027 to 2028. The Chinese media wrote, “In the future, a new generation of spacecraft will be used on crewed lunar missions, to build our space station, and for deep-space exploration“.

It also added, “Recent tests on the return capsule of the next-generation spacecraft have been very successful, with their first flights estimated to take place between 2027 and 2028”.

China’s current focus is to land more and more astronauts in space by 2030, which engineers are currently working on.

The Chief Designer of new-generation aircraft Zhang Bainan told about the space craft back in 2020 as, “The new generation of crewed aircraft will comprise just two parts, the propulsion and the return modules”.

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The return modules will allow bigger modules and a larger carrying capacity of up to seven people.

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