BTS released new book on 10th Anniversary

BTS released new book on 10th Anniversary

BTS, the popular Korean band, recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary with the release of a new book titled “Beyond the Story.” The book, available on Amazon, had generated anticipation among fans, including Taylor Swift fans, prior to its release.

It coincided with Army Day 2023, marking a decade since the formation of the fandom.

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“Beyond the Story” serves as the first official book of BTS, chronicling their music career from pre-debut days to the present while also looking ahead to their future endeavors.

The book takes the form of an oral history, sharing behind-the-scenes stories and interviews that provide insight into their journey. It includes photos, tracklists of previous albums, and over 330 QR codes that allow readers to access trailers, music videos, and more online.

The 544-page book, written by journalist Myeongseok Kang, has been translated into English by Anton Hur, in collaboration with Clare Richards and Slin Jung.

Initial details about the book had sparked speculation about Taylor Swift’s involvement due to coincidences related to numbers and dates, which align with Swift’s affinity for easter eggs. However, the book primarily focuses on BTS and their fandom.

BTS, Global Popularity

BTS, as a group, has achieved immense global popularity over the past few years and recently commemorated their 10th anniversary.

While individual members continue to release solo music, the group’s activities as a whole are currently on hold as some members begin their mandatory military service.

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Jin and J-Hope have already commenced their 18-month service, and other members are expected to follow suit in the coming months. The group is projected to reunite around 2025 after completing their military duties.

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