Anthony Joshua Fight

Anthony Joshua Fight

After two years of struggle Anthony Joshua won his first ever fight against Jermaine Franklin with a margin of 117-111, although his fans are disappointed who had been hoping for a thrilling knockout.

All the three judges marked the fight in Joshua’s favour twice by the margins of 117-111 and then 118-111. The former World Champion Jermaine Franklin Gave a mild underwhelming performance lacking in his old stamina and conviction.

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The Winner, Joshua is not a brutal finisher, he also faced three streaks of defeats before he fought with Franklin. Anthony was cautious at the start of match and Franklin looked untroubled amid the intense atomsphere. In the first round Joshua’s nose started bleeding and match stopped from his corner.

After Break Joshua landed with a powerful comeback which made a more interesting defense mode from Franklin. Joshua nailed him with a heavy right hand and went to body with thubbing blows.

Difference between the Fighters

The difference in weight, height, and power was meant to be conclusive, before the match Joshua had scaled 255lb, the heaviest he has ever in his fighting history while Franklin weighed 234lb lighter than his fight in last November.

Despite light weight, Franklin proved his appetite for combat, fighter reached the halfway point although Joshua was all stained with blood from his nose and swelling across his right cheek bone.

During the fight, Referee Marcus McDonnell stopped the fighters and gave warning on their excessive grappling, after which fighters came back with best round of the fight. Three big right hands from Joshua at the end was a big hit for winning conclusion.

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The start of last round, Joshua was expecting for the knockout but Franklin managed to withstand the attack and fighting broke again between the fighters. Joshua used his 6ft 6in taller body to secure victory.

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