Agha says time up for Imran Khan

Agha says time up for Imran Khan

On Friday, senior PML-Q politician Kamil Ali Agha said it was too late for Prime Minister Imran Khan to muster the required support in the no-confidence vote.

Agha said he heard that the foreign minister would meet with the Punjab Assembly speaker, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi.

Agha said the prime minister was too late. “He has chastised the administration for organising a power show. He is not dealing with the issue in the assembly.”

The PTI administration is banking on its allies in an attempt to thwart the opposition’s no-trust motion. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood announced a meeting with PML-Q leader Pervez Elahi on Saturday (today), what can be termed as the last-minute efforts to save the ruling elite. Meanwhile, the MQM-P leadership will meet with Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad today.

In light of the PM’s intention to organize a massive power show in Islamabad on March 27, Agha stated that the popularity of a leader could not be evaluated by public meetings. “All other political parties can also hold large processions. Anyone can do that and it isn’t the way to evaluate how popular a leader is. The government isn’t responding to the no-trust motion and is playing Jalsa Jalsa instead,” he remarked.

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Agha said the PTI’s own MNAs had left because the administration had taken long with the no-trust manoeuvre.

“I personally feel the government has gotten late in persuading its allies,” he added. “The allies may have already made up their mind.”

The PML-Q leader went on to add that parliament was the best way to evaluate the popularity standard of a leader. Whoever has the highest number is considered popular; this is the only way to know about the popularity benchmark.”

In response to the PML-Q leadership meeting with Qureshi today, he remarked that the Prime Minister should have come to visit the Chaudhry brothers instead of Shah Mehmood.

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