13 arrested in Organ Traficking case in Rawalpindi

13 arrested in Organ Traficking case in Rawalpindi

The Private Hospital in Rawalpindi city suspected 13 medical staff members and 3 doctors involved in Organ Traficking and illegal organ transplant in patients.

The Punjab Human Transplant Authority with the help of city police Rawalpindi arrested 13 suspects including 3 doctors, investigation are going on about their involvement in illegal transplant of human organs and organ Traficking.

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Illegal Organ Trade

Human Traficking and Human Organ Trade has always been a crime going on in black market of Pakistan and other international countries. After hearing the unknown report, Rawalpindi Police and Punjab Human Transplant Authority carried out a raid in Private hospital near Morgah area and arrested 13 suspects.

The arrested doctors include Dr. Zahid, Dr. Athar and Dr. Abid, the raiding team also recovered Rs 20 million from their procession. Police force and Punjab Human Transplant Authority got a lot of complaints related to Organs Transplant.

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The police said that doctors were performing illegal organ transplant at the time of raid. The operation was going on since morning during which one of the patients also lost his life and one was shifted to another hospital due to critical condition.

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