Youtuber who harassed women in the name of prank finally gets arrested

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Not everything on social media is of use. Sometimes, social media shows adverse effects and people tend to stoop to new lows to gain just a few laughs. Prank videos gain a lot of audience on Youtube for obvious reasons but that does not mean that everyone who practices those, sticks to moralities.

In one such incident, a prankster named Khan Ali  pranked a girl as he asked them to wear dupatta outside a university. His account handle’s name on Youtube is Veer Loog Khan Ali and as soon as the video was uploaded, he became the centre of people’s criticism. He approached a random woman in Gujranwala and asked her to cover herself with a dupatta.

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He later on also added that this is not a prank rather a message for women. “These girls aren’t going to listen but I’m going to make them listen.” In the video, he kept on stressing teh fact that being a Muslim women, she must wear a dupatta and also went ahead ans gave her Rs 1000 to buy a dupatta for herself.

People were furious on how he could take such an approach to prank or whatever he says it was. He also added that he believes that it was his duty to spread this message and he kept on emphasizing how funny the video was.

Many netizens pointed out the audacity of this person who contonueousely keeps on roaring that he is Muslim and uses his reigion to spread false norms about the nation. The woman in the video was also seen walking away from the man and he repeatedly pulled her towards her and kept on touching her despite her numerous warnings.

The people made it clear that they do not find the video nor the person funny. They called out the person was sheer harassment and also blamed her for molestation charges.

Many people took to twitter to say that he should be put behind the bars for his actions. One of the users even asked how harassment can be funny. “Why do people feel the need to force religion on someone before perfecting their own? If someone says stop, you STOP. Have some manners man,” the user said.

Many people continue to claim that the prank was staged but regardless of it being staged or not, there is nothing that makes the prank funny. One of the users emphasized that harassing women can never be funny. People were furious over another incident where he approached a woman and her daughter and handed them Rs 500 each and asked them to cover themselves.

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