You may not go out this Eid seasons but here’s how you can still have fun

You may not go out this Eid seasons but here’s how you can still have fun

Since the last two times, Eid celebrations are not such a huge affair as they used to be owing to the current situation of the pandemic. But that in no way means for people to stop the fun and enthusiasm they have for this festival

The second wave of coronavirus is spreading faster than the first one and there is more responsibility on the shoulders of the authorities to take care of the situation. Hence they have resorted to tougher measures to contain the spread of the virus. We know that things like meeting relatives face to face or being a part or conducting big gatherings for friends and family should best be avoided but with all that in the view, you still can have fun by celebrating Eid with your family. 

Yes, you will have to stay home this season but that does not mean that the celebrations will be boring. You can have fun and not breach the protocols and it will be as memorable as any other year’s celebration. If you think about it, you will realise that the most fun part about Eid is your family coming together and sharing a laugh. 

Even if we talk about past instances where we enjoyed a lot or did something memorable it is not the event that made it great but the people around us that mattered the most. Even during Eid, you can reconnect with your family members with new energy and make sure that everyone is in a great mood and is equally participating in the conversations. 

This process will make us release how important family is for us and how in each of the stories that we are talking about, we have our family with us. It is difficult to figure out a better way to intimately come together and make people around you happy by forgetting the situation that is going on. 

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You can start by making goody bags for your loved ones. Start customising them. You can include all the things that they like which might include clothes, eateries and anything that they would enjoy. This would be especially useful for your loved ones whom you cannot meet due to the pandemic. 

Homemade baked items are a popular choice these days. Take not of the choices your family members and friends have and make an effort to send them those items. It could even be flowers or Eid cards, but anything that makes them feel special. 

Sweets are also very popular on Eid. How can Eid be incomplete without Kheer so why not take a different turn and involve everyone in this process. Ask everyone to come together to make one of the items and serve that alongside fresh fruits and Eid cards for a memorable moment. 

Decorating your house is another way you can feel special this Eid season. Also connect with your cousins and ask them to decorate their houses if they cannot come to your place to meet. You can make overnight changes to your house and make it a surprise for your family members.

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