WhatsApp will limit features for users who don’t accept new data‑sharing rules


Whatsapp has listed the features which will be limited if users do not accept the new privacy policies even after persistent reminders

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Only exempting Whatsapp users from Europe, the users all over the world will face limited features and options unless they accept the new data‑sharing policy issued by Whatsapp. The social media app, Whatsapp has been in question for months regarding privacy setting and sharing of individual’s data. With the May 15 deadline coming closer, a huge ambiguity around the privacy policy and new terms of service was in discussion. However, not keeping the users in dark any longer, the whole WhatsApp gimmick has come to an end with their latest announcement. Owned by Facebook Inc, officials of WhatsApp clarified the doubts. The users of WhatsApp account will not lose their accounts even if they don’t accept the policy but they will be refrained from using certain key features of the app.

With time, the limiting features could be, not being able to access their chat list, not being able to answer or dial video or voice calls. If pushed to the extreme, there is a chance that you will only be able to see the notifications without being able to send messages. So, while the users feel relieved to hear that the company will not delete their account, still, there is a lot to be worried about.

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The FAQ page of Whatapp states, “For the last several weeks we’ve displayed a notification in WhatsApp providing more information about the update. After giving everyone time to review, we’re continuing to remind those who haven’t had the chance to do so to review and accept. After several weeks, the reminder people receive will eventually become persistent.” The users who will still refuse to accept the terms won’t have their accounts deleted by the company but their service will limit. They will be allowed to download a report of their account and export their chat history before they move to another platform.

These policies are meant to secure the accounts and stop the spread of fake news which spirals into an uncalled panic. This new policy will have no implications on the privacy of user’s conversations and they will continue to remain end-to-end encrypted. Neither WhatsApp nor Facebook will be able to view the contents of messages or keep a tab of users contact lists.

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