PM Imran Khan names Shabaz Sharif in ECL. Marriyum Aurangzeb condemns the move


Pakistan Muslim league leader Marriyum Aurangzeb has criticised Pakistan’s Prime Minsiter Imran for adding Shahbaz Sharif’s name on Exit Control List (ECL) even during the ocassion of Eid. The 40-year-old leader added that the Prime Minister is obsessed with Sharif even during celebration mode.

The PML-N leader was talking to the medi when she shared that Khan decided to put Shahbaz Sharif’s name on the ECL list which essentially barred him from leaving Pakistan till a fixed amount of time.

She also added that instead of focusing on those who are needy and poor in the country and coming up with ways to benefit them, PM Khan chose to rather focus on Sharif to the extent that he ordered the opening of offices so that only his name could be added in the ECL.

“What is the fault of Shahbaz Sharif if allied countries are giving charity to Pakistan?” argued Marriyum. Other than that marriyum also criticised PTI government’s foreign policy move and relationship with other states. She said that PM Khan preferred adding Shabaz’s name in the ECL but instead he should have resigned as a gift to the nation.

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The leader added,”I wish you had apologised to the masses on the occasion of Eid or had ordered the arrest of wheat, sugar, and medicine mafia instead.” She insisted that the ECL should have included the names of people who were defaulters of 14 trillion and also added that federal cabinet conveniently chose to ignore those who have stolen sugar worth Rs 450 million.

She took notice of the order of the court which said that Shabaz has the right to go abroad for medical treatment purposes and suggested that Imran Khan is deliberately trying to disrespect the court’s order by directly attacking the judiciary. She asserted that Shabaz is happy celebrating Eid in Pakistan with his family and children. “One can only pray for the state of hatred, jealousy, and fear that you are suffering from,” she added. Shabaz Sharif was added to the Exit ControlList on Thursday just ahead of Eid celebrations by the Internal Ministry. Sharif’s name was initially suggested by a sub federal committe.

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