WEF lauds PTI’s leadership for ensuring social change


The World Economic Forum (WEF) has laid forth its Executive Opinion data with Mishal Pakistan, praising Pakistan for taking reasonable steps to ensure development.

The data shows Pakistan’s value scores on 148 indicators.

As per the report, the dynamism of the top leadership of Pakistan has been essential in changing the perception of the country worldwide. The report considers human capital development as the cornerstone of Pakistan’s development and growth strategy. Moreover, the government’s long and short-term vision has seen improvements as it went from 3.88 percent last year to 4.42 percent this year.

Under the PTI regime, Pakistan showed global leadership in starting programs for poverty alleviation, environmental protection, universal health delivery services, curbing corruption, and improving human capital.

The report further mentioned that Pakistan’s anti-corruption stance under the National Accountability Bureau has also strengthened recently.

The anti-graft watchdog processed 30405 complaints, stamped 1681 complaint verifications, 496 investigations, and 1326 inquiries.

The Bureau recovered Rs323 billion in 2020, which is a remarkable achievement compared to previous years.

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It is pertinent to state that the survey is an invaluable source of high-quality perceptions data, giving globally comparable proxies for aspects of socio-economic development.

The data shows that Pakistan has shown significant progress and achievements to have more future-oriented approaches and policies. The WEF also lauded Pakistan’s solution of coronavirus – imposing smart lockdowns. The solution allowed for economic activity to be strengthened along with implementing the standard operating procedures. The report praised Pakistan for being among the smart lockdown strategy pioneers.

It merits mentioning that competitiveness reports like these are designed to help business leaders, policy-makers, and other stakeholders mould their economic strategies. The WEF terms this age the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and calls for action to engage in visionary and bold leadership to build a new economic plan for sustainable growth.

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