Watermark for AI content

Watermark for AI content

President Joe Biden announced on Friday that several AI companies, including OpenAI, Alphabet, and Meta Platforms, have made voluntary commitments to the White House to implement measures aimed at making AI technology safer.

The companies have pledged to watermark AI-generated content and thoroughly test systems before releasing them. They also agreed to share information on reducing risks and investing in cybersecurity.

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Biden addressed concerns about the potential disruptive uses of artificial intelligence, emphasizing the need to be vigilant about the threats posed by emerging technologies to US democracy.

The move is considered a win for the Biden administration’s efforts to regulate AI technology, which has seen significant investment and consumer popularity.

Microsoft, an OpenAI partner, expressed support for the president’s leadership in bringing the tech industry together to enhance the safety and security of AI in a blog post on Friday.

Generative AI, which creates new content based on data, like ChatGPT’s human-sounding prose, has become widely popular.

Lawmakers around the world have been exploring ways to mitigate the risks of this emerging technology to national security and the economy.

US Senate Majority Chuck Schumer called for comprehensive legislation to ensure safeguards on artificial intelligence in June. Congress is also considering a bill that would require political ads to disclose whether AI was used to create imagery or content.

As part of the effort, the seven companies committed to developing a system to watermark all forms of AI-generated content, including text, images, audios, and videos. This watermark will help users identify when AI technology has been used.

Users Privacy on AI

The companies also pledged to focus on protecting users’ privacy as AI develops and ensuring that the technology is free of bias and not used to discriminate against vulnerable groups.

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The specifics of how the watermark will be evident in shared content have not been disclosed.

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