US, South Korea Nuclear Cooperation

US, South Korea Nuclear Cooperation

United States and South Korea decided to cooperate in Nuclear planning to deter North Korean Nuclear threat. The United States pledged to give South Korea more insight in Nuclear planning over any kind of conflict with North Korea.

Currently North Korea and South Korea is experiencing anxiety over Pyongyang’s growing arsenal of missiles and bombs. The announcement from US includes a renewed pledge by Seoul not to persue a nuclear bomb on its own.

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The decision of Nuclear planning emerged from White House talks between US President Joe Biden and South Korean Leader Yoon Suk Yeol. Talks covered issues including Trade, Ukraine War and North Korea Semiconductor Chips.

Yoon Suk Yeol said that He and Joe Biden discussed various steps to strengthen South Korea’s defense to the threat posed by North Korea.

US Talks invitation to North Korea

Joe Biden also offered North Korea to hold talks over its nuclear and missile programs which has been ignored by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. After which Biden reiterated the US offer to North Korea.

Under the new ‘Washington Declaration’ with South Korea, US will give South Korea detailed insights into nuclear planning and nuclear incidents in the region through US-ROK Nuclear Consultative Group.

Wahington will also deploy a ballistic-missile submarine in Seoul in a show of force, going to be the first such submarine visit since 1980s. Joe Biden also made it clear that no nuclear weapons from US would be stationed on South Korean territory.

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All the global experts calling this Washington Declaration as a win situation for the alliance and especially for South Korea. It is considered as one of the notable development in the world.

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