First Google App Growth Lab in Pakistan

First Google App Growth Lab in Pakistan

Google has launched its first App Growth Lab in Pakistan, a step to help high-potential app developers studios and to identify companies that seek to grow their business. The purpose of this lab is also to help people in learning from Google experts.

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The four-month training programme will include intensive education and support phases. It will enable participants to learn from Google experts in areas such as Ads, AdMob, Firebase, gTech and Play as well as industry leaders.

Google’s Commitment with Pakistan

This app is the first step towards Google’s commitment to help Pakistan in Growing app industry in the country both on local and global level.

The Google Regional Project Director for Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, Farhan S. Qureshi said that project demonstrates Google’s dedication to support sustainable growth in Pakistan. It will help in developing strong economy for Pakistan.

Four Core Pillars of App Growth Lab

The App Growth Lab Programme is focused on Build, Develop, Launch and Scale of Apps. The build component will allow participants to identify the global app and gaming opportunity.

The next develop goal brings out a user-centric mindset in game product development by using best in class technology for long term success of app.

The launch component will enable participants to learn strategies to win the launch and use google tools to achieve measurable growth.

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The last Scale component will allow participants with knowledge of opening their app to the World by accepting a competition in market and platform diversification strategies.

The programme will start in June and continue for four months.

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