Ukrainian Special Forces Claim Russian Black Sea Fleet Commander Killed in Missile Attack

ukrainian special forces claim russian black sea fleet commander killed in missile attack

ukrainian special forces claim russian black sea fleet commander killed in missile attack

 Ukrainian special forces have reported a huge development in the ongoing conflict with Russia. They claim to have successfully targeted and killed a senior admiral of Moscow’s forces in Crimea along with 33 other officers. This attack happened  last week. Which specifically targets the command center of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. It was related to the port of Sevastopol.

The person who  has been hurt or killed in this attack is Admiral Viktor Sokolov. he was one of the very  important leaders in the Russian navy. Especially to  the Black Sea he was very imported. But Russia has not said if he is alive or dead. They haven’t confirmed it and they haven’t said it’s not true either.

If it is confirmed, it would be very shocking to Russia’s presence in Crimea, which it connected from Ukraine in 2014. The Black Sea region has been strategically important for Russia.  He served as a launch point for many of its air attacks on Ukraine during the 19 month conflict.

The Ukrainian special forces reported on the incident via the Telegram messaging app. They claimed that 34 of their officers, including the commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet lost their lives in the missile strike. They Also  stated that 105 others were wounded and that the headquarters building was beyond repair.

they wanted to know  the number of people who got hurt or killed in the fighting. It is still  unclear. Both sides claim in the fight the other side lost more people than they really did, but they haven’t been honest about how many of their own people got hurt.

The Russian military first said that one of their soldiers was killed, but then they changed their story and said one soldier was missing after the attack. They also said their missile defense systems stopped five missiles from hitting them.

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Ukraine has been starting its attacks in the Black Sea and on the Crimean Peninsula, incorporating missile strikes along with assault drones. Kyiv believes that crippling the Russian Black Sea fleet would hasten the end of the ongoing conflict.
In response to the heightened threat the Russian installed governor of Sevastopol has initiated measures to strengthen defense and warning systems in the region.  This shows the seriousness of the situation. 

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