Two Elephants from Sri Lanka

Two Elephants from Sri Lanka

Pakistan was left with no elephants after death of Noor Jahan and Suzi. Suzi died in Lahore Zoo in May 2017 and Noor Jahan died in Karachi zoo after long illness and getting treatment from foreign medical team.

After Noor Jahan’s death, Sri Lanka has pledged to give two elephants to Pakistan as a gesture of good will. Noor Jahan was an African elephant who recently got sick in Karachi zoo and after a long treatment elephant died.

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Honorary Consul General Yasin Joyia confirmed the announcement saying, we have submitted the request to Sri Lankan High Commissioner and the country will be sending two majestic creatures for Pakistan soon.

Ban on Export of Elephants

It is worth mentioning here that earlier Sri Lanka has banned the export of elephants to other countries. Now the country will be sending two female elephants, one for Karachi zoo and one for Lahore zoo.

Suzi was only large mammal in Lahore zoo but it died back in May 2017 and now Noor Jahan was only elephant in Karachi zoo, who also died. The Consul also expressed his grief over 17 year old Noor Jahan’s death.

Sri Lankan diplomat also said that name of elephants will be given by the government back home and the date of their arrival will be announced soon.

Criminal Negligence by Zoo

There has been an immense out cry about caging animals in zoo by a lot of animal rights activits around the world. After the Noor Jahan’s story came into light, social media was full with a lot of criticism on zoo administration.

Everyone was talking about lack of care by zoo administration and ailing health of animal causing problems. The netizens strongly reacted to her pain and blamed criminal negligence by zoo administration and their ignorance towards animal rights.

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The pitiful pictures of Noor Jahan was shared by many animal rights activists on social media to protect animals from ill treatment and call for shutting down zoo’s.

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