PM Shehbaz Lashes At Imran For ‘Buying Five Votes’

Shehbaz Sharif

Bidding in PM House

Imran Khan was referred to as a “blatant liar” by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Saturday as he attacked the leader of the PTI for “bidding in the PM House.” 

Outside the Special Central Court in Lahore, Prime Minister Shehbaz claimed that Pakistan’s PM was “bidding [for people] in the PM home.” 

“He had established a marketplace where consciences were being bought and sold.”

The prime minister questioned whether a sitting prime minister could commit a worse crime than this in reference to recent audio leaks in which Imran is supposedly heard saying “five” while speaking. 

Damaging Audio Recordings

Two further damaging audio recordings, supposedly made by the PTI leader, surfaced yesterday, showing he intended to trade lawmakers and use a “US cypher” to name those who would oppose him in the confidence vote in April as traitors. 

“He himself is claiming that he bought five votes; where did the money come from? Such a serious offence; what would be more serious than a prime minister declaring, ‘I have bought five votes’?” 

“Where did you get the funds—from the government’s coffers or from Farah Gogi and others who donated jewels? What source?” 

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No-Confidence Resolution

Both audio leaks appeared to be from April, when Imran was in charge and the National Assembly had just passed the no-confidence resolution that ultimately resulted in his removal.

After the leaks became public on Friday, the PTI leader claimed in a rally that the PML-N was responsible for a “new game of phoney audios,” while other party officials claimed the audios were a product of “cut and paste,” allowing several talks to be combined. 

The disclosures, according to Prime Minister Shehbaz, “revealed” Khan’s “hypocrisy,” and his “anti-state deeds” rendered him unfit for high position. 

PTI Leader Has National Responsibility

Shehbaz stated today that the PTI leader has a national responsibility when speaking to the media outside the accountability court.  

“I have established with facts that you are a liar and a phoney. You plotted against the country […] the leaked audios revealed your drama and falsehoods.” 

Imran, the prime said, “lies day and night and brings dishonour to Pakistan.” 

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