Court Retains Shahbaz Gill’s Phones, Releases Passport

Shahbaz Gill

Shahbaz Gill’s Passport

Shahbaz Gill’s passport and other confiscated things were to be returned to him by the police on Thursday, but the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) leader’s appeal to have his confiscated cell phones returned was denied by a court in the capital. 

In a related event, district and sessions judge Kamran Basharat Mufti granted temporary bail to Imran Khan, the leader of the PTI, in a case against him for allegedly influencing a judge into keeping Mr. Gill in police custody despite claims of torture. 

The court extended Mr. Khan’s temporary pre-arrest bail until October 13 in exchange for Rs50,000 in surety bonds. 

Extra District and Sessions Judge

Before extra district and sessions judge Tahir Abbas Sipra, Mr. Gill made a request for the return (superdari) of things taken by police and held in their possession at the time of his detention. 

The petitioner is having problems without these objects, according to his attorney Syed Ali Bokhari, who argued before the court that the items taken into possession had nothing to do with the accusations made against the petitioner. 

The list of things includes Gill’s passport, paperwork, chequebooks, licences, cards, and cell phone charging cables. 

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Sedition Case Against Gill

On the other hand, Raja Rizwan Abbasi, the special public prosecutor, contended that the mobile phones were sent for forensic processing since they are crucial pieces of evidence in the sedition case against Gill. If the phones were given back to him, he voiced concern that the accused might try to tamper with the data. 

According to the judge, the things other than the mobile phones have no relation to the accusations made against Gill and are commonplace commodities. 

Products in Exchange for Gill

He gave Gill the order to superdari these products in exchange for Gill providing surety bonds in the amount of Rs. 100,000 and agreeing to supply them on demand. 

The judge denied the request for access to cell phones, citing them as important pieces of evidence. 

Speaking to reporters outside of court, Mr. Gill asserted that the prosecution used a false statement to link him to.

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