PM Imran Khan pledges to resign if opposition ‘returns looted wealth’


Prime Minister Imran Khan is making his stance against the opposition stronger day by day and with his recent declaration, he is making it more and more obvious that he rejects the ‘corrupt module government’ of the opposition party in Pakistan.

The PM on Tuesday put forward a condition in front of the opposition. As reported by Geo News, Imran Khan said that he is ready to resign from his office one the opposition returns all the money that they stole from the country. “I will resign tomorrow if you deposit the money you looted, back into the national exchequer,” he said.

He also dared the opposition to parties to force their threats that they have been making to resign from the assemblies. The Pakistan Democratic Movement was launched in September last year and since then it has been threatening the government for their assemblies. The top leader said that people like those in the Democratic Party do not have the guts to resign.

He then noted that resigning from a position actually requires courage and character, which he added that the people did not have. “Neither did they set out on a long march nor were they successful in gathering people [for their cause],” the prime minister remarked,” he added.

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He condemned the fact that many of the major opposition parties are choosing to contest the senate election in the upcoming elections. While talking about the false narrative put forward by the other parties, the Prime Minister took a dig at the deadlines by the opposition parties by saying that December 31 and January 31 came but nothing happened.

Opposition had given deadlines to the premier seeking his resignation.

One of the first opposition leaders to respond to PM Imran Khan’s allegations was PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz, who asked the premier to ‘be patient’. She contradicted the claims of Khan by saying that when they get resignations, they won’t run away like some of the ‘honest figures’ do. She directly targeted the time when the PTI was in the opposition and it staged a massive protest sit-in outside the assemblies. She also added that this is the same assembly that was once criticized by them but now, they withdraw heavy paychecks with their positions.

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